Why be a Serial Killer when you can be a Serial Reader?


It all began when I was checking out my Goodreads read list for my 2015 reading challenge, when I noticed something quite interesting about the titles or rather yet the authors.

I noticed it started with Candace Knoebel, I read The Night Watchman series back to back before moving onto Louise White’s, The Calling. However, I remember The Calling was not enough for me so I purchased Chasing the Demon immediately after. At this point I did not realize I had a problem, I figured that I had just encountered two captivating series.

I soon realized that a problem might be on the rise when I purchased Desni Dantone’s young adult series for my niece. Alannah, my niece, has a Kindle that is connected to my account (a safety measure to keep her from purchasing inappropriate titles). Alannah requests the titles and I check them out and then purchase them for her. On Easter, I visiting and she asked me to buy her several books, one of which was Dantone’s Ignited. I purchased the books, but Ignited delivered to my kindle first, so I redirect the book as well as the others and thought nothing more of it.

Several days later, I found myself bored so I opened my Kindle to read K.K. Allen’s The Summer Solstice: Enchanted and spotted Ignited. The cover drew me in so I inevitably clicked it and began reading. I was done in no time and moved on to intended read, Enchanted. I was only three chapters in when I realized I was not focusing at the story at hand, as good as it was. I attribute my lack of attention to Allen’s boy next door character Alec. You see Allen and Dantone both a have devilishly handsome characters named Alec and before I noticed I was daydream reading. The name had me wondering about Dantone’s characters and what would come next for them, so I took a break and searched Amazon to see if book two in the Ignited series had published; it had. I purchased and devoured it immediately. With no other book in the series published to linger on, I went back to reading about Kat, Rose, and of course Alec in The Summer Solstice: Enchanted.

One would think in that moment, I knew that I was a serial reader, but no! The moment came this morning when I checked my email. I had received a message from Amazon alerting me to the impending publication of Knoebel’s next book in The Night Watchman series. With little thought of current finances, I clicked the pre-order button. Yep, that it; that was when I knew I was a serial reader. And, as one could imagine, being the serial reader that I am, I had already purchased book two, The Equinox, in Allen’s series even though I was only 49% through.

I had never really tracked my book selections before so this is quite a shock to me, but I guess I now know why I read all those Fear Street books when I was younger, for it only takes one to start the chain to become chained. Note to Authors: If you publish a series, beware! You may be my next victim or really I yours.

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