The Calling Review - It Called to me . . .


I am very proud to give Louise White’s novel, The Calling, calling five stars. The Calling is a fast pasted, well written sci-fi with full developed characters that left me longing for the next installment. I recommend this novel to anyone who loves sci-fi fantasy or just enjoys a fast read.

From the beginning, Louise’s writing had a way of entangling me in the emotional onset of her characters. I found myself confused like the main character, Carolyn, and my clarity only arose with her anchoring. It was magnificent to find myself wrapped into the state of her main character so early on. Yet, my emotional attachment didn’t stop there. Later, like Carolyn found herself bonded to Note, I found myself bonded to Ethan. I truly struggled with Carolyn and Notes bond throughout the story, and, like Ethan, I became prejudice against Note. The strong sentiments I took on from her characters had me feeling like an invisible entity propelling through her novel fighting alongside the team.

Beyond Ms. White’s well develop characters, lives an amazing tale. She has fashioned a world (or shall I say worlds) worthy of portaling through. And like, her fast moving main character, I found myself (in less than forty-eight hours) propelled to the heart stopping cliff hanger at the end of this novel. All I can say, “Well done!”

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