A holly-jolly thank you to everyone who participated in the Chills and Thrills Holiday Giveaway. I am pleased to announce the two winners of Author Sabrina Street prizes are Lynn Worton and Jade Ison.

Lynn won an ebook copy of The Vampire Keeper.

Jade won the Beauty and Love Stainless Steel Vintage Style Naked Girl Skull Pendant Necklace (an emblem of The Vampire Keepers chapter Mirror of Desire).

Enjoy and Happy Holiday!!

A list of all the winners*:


Shana Festa

Sabrina Street

Mark Shaw

J.C. Brennan

K.K. Allen

T.S. Dann

Claudette Melanson

Kayti Nika Raet

Tima Maria Lacoba

Lilo Abernathy

L.A. Starkey

Adam Booth

Prize One Winners

Shannon Blackwell-Williams

Lynn Worton

Jennifer Beck

Joe Pranaitis

Don Robb

Ellora Wynands

Elizabeth Hyatt

Nancy Jones

Pat Walker

Bailey Dexter

Sam Shivy

Elizabeth Chang

Prize Two Winners

Bonita Hilligoss

Jade Ison

Kristen Noel

Brigitte Bauman

Rebecca Sierp

Deya Andreea

Amanda Sakovitz

John Thuku

Jacklynn Sizemore

Lynda Dickson

Enrique Herrera

Chrystina Williams

*Authors are responsible for contacting their winners and distributing their prizes.

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