The Soul's Mark: Found Review

The Soul's Mark: Found by Ashley Stoyanoff was not a wickedly good read for me and I gave this book a 2.5-3 because the writing and point of view was awkward at times. Her incorrect usage of typical idioms was nothing compared to the misspelling of several simple words.

I happened to come across this novel on amazon and was intrigued at the thought of a human bearing the soul of a vampire. Stoyanoff creates a rich back story for Amelia, a teenage orphan who discovers she carries a vampire soul that belongs to Mitchell, her 800 year old soul mate.

It is evident from the author’s thematic ideas in The Soul’s Mark: Found that Stoyanoff can weave a plot. Yet, her plot seems a little lacking and fickle just like her characters. Stoyanoff tells the reader that Amelia and Mitchell are in love and can’t resist one another; however, she creates a love gap that is never explained leaving reader wondering why Mitchell initially refuses to go to her.

Other problematic issues with the story are the unlike ability of Amelia and Mitchell as soul mates, and Amelia’s feelings for the charismatic Eric, Mitchell’s son. Mitchell takes on the role of an overbearing father figure, while Amelia slips on the persona of a spoiled rebellious child. The whole interaction was off putting. As a reader, I clamored for the time that Amelia would become strong enough to break Mitchell’s strong hold and flea into Eric’s arms.

Overall, the reader must keep in mind this is her first novel and it is likely her writing will improve. I intend to read book two to see if my prediction of her writing is correct, because end the end I still found myself eager to get back to Souls Mark: Found when I had time to spare.

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