Writing Update and The Light Who Shines Book Review

Dragon Book Update:

I am happy to report that I am on chapter ten of my dragon book. I have the majority of it written with a skeleton outline at the bottom. I look to have it filled in tonight so that I can move on to chapter eleven. I am happy to be back into the swing of things since today marks the first day of my 1000 words a day for the month a June goal.

The Light Who Shines Review:

Lilo Abernathy’s writes a spellbinding debut novel. The Light Who Shines is a paranormal fantasy with an emphasis in criminal Investigation. IT has a riveting story line that pulled me from chapter to chapter hungry for more.

Abernathy’s execution of plot, character development, and dialogue makes the reader feel like her world is their reality. The plot sent chills down my spine at times, each character was created to be relatable in some form or fashion, and the dialogue was not pretentious like most crime novels. Through each indiscretion Abernathy bring forth motives that touch on real world issues: prejudice toward race and genders, equality for race and genders, social hierarchy, and humanity (morality verses lust).

Abernathy left some mysteries unexplained, which is not a problem seeing how this will be a series. Although Abernathy did not wrap up ever little side plot, the reader will get a feeling of completeness at the conclusion of the book, for even though he character is left fully in the dark the reader has some notion of what will be told.

I rated the novel a 4.5 on the first reading. There are only a few things that kept me from giving this book a five. The first being it did not flow uninterrupted. Abernathy writes in first person and switches point of view several times. The disruption of flow can easily be avoided if the reader looks between the chapter titles and opening paragraphs for the speaker. The other issue was spelling, grammar, omitted articles, and repetition of sentence (only happened once). However, the reader should be aware they are minor and do not really disrupt the flow of the book.

Overall, the world Lilo Abernathy’s creates is engaging and fascinating with a concrete plot and characters that will have you praying she has finished the next Bluebell Kildare book.

I sat on this review for a few weeks, after which, I decidet that potential readers should know The characters an plot in The Light Who Shines really stays with you. Therefore, i now give it five stars and I highly recommend this novel to anyone who has any interest in paranormal, fantasy, vampires, or crime and investigation themes.

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