Sorry For The Belated Update!

I know it been awhile since my last update. Things have been hectic at school. For those of you that didn’t know, I am a secondary teacher. I have been administering the End Of Course exams on state mandated subjects for two weeks.

On May the first I received another query response; it was a form rejection but at least it was a nice one explaining that they are very selective. Even though it was a form rejection, I took comfort with the added information that they take on less than 1% of never before published writers. Looks like I need to do better research on my agencies after I find an agent in my field.

Oh well, lesson learned and now onto the next.

I have nothing substantial to report on my dragon book; it has not progressed to my liking. However, the lack of progression is due to a busy schedule and Lilo Abernathy’s debut novel, The Light Who Shines. I was completely captivated by her plot and characters. Now that my spare time is not being feed by something as riveting as her book, I will recommence my dragon proses once more on Saturday.

Until next week happy reading, blogging and writing!

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